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Spuce: Alleviates exhaustion, anxiety and debility. Penetrates stagnate conditions with its warmthSoothing, appeasing, warming, uplifting, grounding

Fir: Encourages a connection with nature, relieves anxiety, promotes good willWarming, grounding, appeasing, refreshing, reviving

Cedar: Encourages wisdom, resilience and balanceStrong, calming, stabilizing, comforting. A Cedar tree:

Sage: Revives energy and inspires mind and spiritRevitalizing, inspiring, but also relaxing

Ginger: Encourages determination and confidence. Combats depression and disconnectedness. Sharpens memory.Stimulating, warming, grounding

Grapefruit: Relieves tension, frustration and moodiness. Promotes lightness of spirit and clarity of thoughtCleansing, refreshing, soothing, uplifting, purifying

Lavender: Relieves frustration, irritability, anxiety and insomniaAppeasing, balancing, calming, purifying, relaxing, sedative, soothing

Peppermint: Stimulates the body and clears the mindSoothing, stimulating

Rose: Enhances feelings of love and compassion. Relieves melancholy and depressionCalming, sedating

Rosemary: Improves confidence, perception and balance between body and mind Encourages creativity and alleviates exhaustion and lethargyStimulating, balancing

Sandalwood: Good for worry and nervous exhaustion.Cooling, calming, balancing, uplifting, purifying. Sandalwood tree:
sandalwood tree

Vanilla: Eases anger and frustrationCreamy, rich, warm, nurturing

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