Tuesday, August 15, 2006


ARV medicines for children

Pharma major Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited on Monday announced that it had received approval to manufacture and market Triviro-LNS kid and Triviro-LNS kid DS, both triple ARV combinations — indicated for treatment of HIV infection — for children in India. The company has also filed the product with WHO Geneva for pre-qualification.

While Triviro-LNS kid contains Lamivudine 20mg, Nevirapine 35mg, and Stavudine 5mg, Triviro-LNS kid DS contains the drugs in 40mg, 70mg and 10mg strengths, respectively. The products are bio-equivalent with the individual liquid formulations of the originators.

"We hope that with these new formulations, we will be able to make accessible, a high quality and convenient treatment to a large number of HIV-positive children who are presently among the therapeutically most neglected,'' RLL CMD Malvinder Mohan Singh said.

While convenient triple fixed dose combinations are widely available for adults, children have so far had to largely rely on cumbersome options such as simultaneously taking three different liquid ARV drugs or crushing and taking unpalatable adult triple drug formulations, an activity that does not deliver the three drugs in a ratio that is optimal for children.


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