Saturday, March 06, 2010


Vscan portable pricing

Bangalore-based GE Healthcare last week unveiled the Vscan, a pocket-sized, battery-powered ultrasound machine with the look and feel of a cellphone. Vscan joins other portable ultrasound machines in the Rs 570-crore Indian ultrasound market. The Vscan is priced at Rs 5.5-6 lakh. Besides its competitive pricing, the Vscan is highly portable because of its small size.


GE says it has a commitment for about 50 Vscans from three-four corporate hospitals. But to go massmarket, it will have to target individual doctors and specialist clinics. Point-of-care devices such as the Vscan could potentially eat into the income that doctors are known to unofficially make for referring patients to labs for tests.

Jayant Singh, medical technology practice head at Frost & Sullivan, says Vscan will do “very well” in pockets where patients are willing to pay for the speed and convenience. GE has opened discussions with the government to make the portable Vscan available in primary healthcare centres as well.

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